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Cushioned Socks for Heels

Wearing Sockshion

We all have that pair of beautiful high heel shoes that we love but have to admit are a little uncomfortable. When we put them on we love how we look in them, but we know that by the end of the day our feet will be in pain and all we are going to be able to think about is a good foot massage. Because of the position that your feet are in inside of those beautiful high heels, the weight of your body gets shifted to the ball of the foot, which doesn't only affect your feet, but also your knees, hips, and back. There are some cosmetic effects on your feet, like bunions, ingrown toenails, and hammer toes. Additionally, having so much pressure on the front of your feet can cause tendons to shorten, stress fractures, and even pinched nerves.

Frequent use of high heels can wear away the natural cushioning of our feet. But what if there was a solution for this problem? We are here to help you be comfortable in your style with: A Cushion For Your Feet. By releasing the pressure onto this cushion, you will feel a lot less pain and your feet will be taken care of. Because this little cushion has a high cotton content, it is extremely easy to wash. Unlike shoe inserts, which have the potential of damaging your shoes through their materials, SockShion is very easy to keep in place: it hooks onto your bigger and little toe to stay put and hidden, and has silicone non-skid patches to prevent slipping inside of the shoe.

A cushion for your feet so you can keep rocking your style in comfort

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Women's SockShion

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