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Chic Summer Favorites: GOVBALL - Essentials for a NY Summer Music Festival

Essentials for a New York Summer Music Festival: GOVBALL

The season of summer music festivals is fast approaching and you have to be sure you have everything you need to enjoy a music-filled day of music under the New York City sun. With early-bird tickets way gone and single-day passes quickly starting to sell out, the always colorful GOVERNOR'S BALL is coming forth with a line-up that will have you dancing for weeks. With a little bit of everything for everyone, from Wu-Tang's hip-hop, to Cage the Elephant's indie rock, to Lorde's pop, this festival is always growing in its crowds, its artists, and its atmosphere of happiness and music-loving new-yorkers or people form all over the world.

Here is a check-list of the essentials you will need to enjoy a perfect music-filled weekend:

Your summer music festival checklist

  • For the SUN: Don't forget to bring loads of sunscreen, a good hat (but not a tall one that will block the view of the stage of everyone that is standing behind you!), and good sunglasses (be careful not to lose them!)
  • For the HEAT: Bring your own refillable water bottle! There are camelback water stations all throughout the festival where you can get hydrated. We also recommend you bring a hand fan or something to refresh the air around you.
  • For the EXPERIENCE: The music will be loud! So think about protecting you ears with some earplugs. Although we encourage experiencing the shows directly with all of your senses and not through your phone screen, keeping some memories from the experience is important! So bring a portable phone charger and maybe some fun camera, like a polaroid!
  • For your COMFORT: Make sure you put on some light summer clothes but alsobring a jacket in your backpack because it will get colder at night! It is going to be three very long days and you will be mostly on your feet, so the most important part is to bring comfortable shoes and socks to match! Find your personally most comfortable shoes in your closet and put them on with our best matching no-show socks to rock the perfect festival look! Your feet will stay dry, no matter how much you sweat, they won't be stinky by the end of the night, and you will feel like you're walking on air!


Get ready for the festival listening to some of the best tunes for the weekend!

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