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Essential Home Care Gift Set

As the weather starts to get colder and we start spending more time inside of our homes, homecare and cozy comfort become things we are looking forward to for the weekend. We create new Home Organizing pinterest boards and fill up our Amazon wish lists with new shelves, lights, bags, rugs, anything that we think will make our home feel more welcoming and just the perfect place to be. This is why gifting homecare essentials is always a slam. They are gift that will always be practical, they are something that the giftee (is that a word? we don't know, but we're using it anyway) will always find a use for. Here are some ideas that will help you score points with your friends, significant others and family members, helping them with their everyday homecare duties and with maintaining their style and comfort all day long.

  • Detergent by The Laundress For the people that take everyday laundry seriously, the perfect eco-friendly detergent that will take your clothes-washing experience to the next level
  • Mesh Bag by Nordstrom The perfect way to take care of delicates, keeping that soft texture and fresh feeling, and not lose them in the laundry machine
  • Slippers by Zara Home To stay comfortable and stylish while taking care of things at home, feeling like you could be in the cover of Martha Stewart's Magazine
  • Deodoant by Aesop Because you have to take care of yourself while you take care of your home, and the whole experience will be elevated when you smell like essential oils
  • Socks by Sheecs For snuggling your feet in comfortable socks that were ingenieered to hug your feet and ankles and make you feel like you're walking on clouds. Quality non-constricting socks that you can rock inside and outside of your home

Sheec from the Story
Sheec's Women's bandless show off socks in grey
Comfits in Grey
Sheec's Women's bandless show off socks essential combo four pack
Comfits Essential Combo
Sheec's Women's bandless show off socks essential combo in lavander
Comfits in Lavender
 Sheec's women's bandless show off socks blush combo four pack
Comfits Blush Combo

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