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5 tips to keeping your feet warm

How To Keep your Feet Warm

The importance of warm feet

There are a lot of reasons why your feet are the first part of your body that gets cold as soon as the outside temperature starts to drop. Feet not only don’t have major muscles to produce heat, but they also have blood vessels that contribute to heat loss. The surface-to-volume relation doesn’t help either, and feet are definitely not your body’s priority for heat distribution. Luckily for you, they are our priority. Cold feet are uncomfortable; they make you sleepy and may end in frostbite, or even worse, hypothermia. Here a guide to warm feet for you to follow as the weather starts getting colder:

Guide to Warm Feet

  • All sources agree that in winter, cotton socks are your enemy. The goal is to keep your feet dry, so try something like fleece! We recommend this for both out and indoors.
  • Avoid very thick socks that will cut off blood circulation to your toes in a tight shoe
  • Try toe warmers or winter foot beds
  • Find shoes that won’t get wet
  • Always carry an extra pair of socks, because your feet will sweat no matter the weather

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