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New Socks, New You

Out with the old, in with the new. The clock struck twelve and the crystal ball dropped in Times Square, and the New Year began. January 1st has become synonymous with resolutions, rejoicing, refreshing, renewing, and restocking. Gone are the woes of the past year. Here to stay are improvements to health and lifestyles, self-care and starting anew, and preparing for a better year ahead. As the new year takes over, it’s important to set priorities for yourself and flush out the old and replace it with the new in order to truly feel refreshed.

There are simple, small ways to set yourself up for the best year of your life. You can clean your home: sweep the floor to sweep away the last year, wipe down surfaces to give yourself a clean slate, do the laundry for a sense of freshness. You can create vision boards to make your goals and ambitions tangible and give yourself the kick in the butt needed to achieve them! But most importantly, just like how many cultures celebrate new beginnings with new clothes, throw out holey or fraying articles of clothing and stock up on essentials like socks. At SHEEC’s Annual Stock Up Event, for a limited time, you can prepare for every season and shoe with value Packs with the lowest price per pair of socks! Save money and your sanity by buying in bulk. Stock up on no show socks for every occasion! Solehugger Active is essential for workouts as its antimicrobial properties keep your shoes and feet odor and germ-free. Wearing low-cut sneakers? Our Solehugger Active also comes in low-cut that don't slip off. Slingback toe cover socks are perfect for hot and sweaty summer days. Solehugger Secrets, now available for large size in women, are made for days that require very low-cut shoes– for the lowest price per pair. Jazz up your closet with socks with funky prints: the Trousox Color Dots bundle, which includes three different styles, will add a kick of color to any outfit and the Trousox City Inspired Combo, which comes with four designs, will make any outfit unique. Or collect Sockshion, the pain absorption cushion for your feet, now redesigned in three sizes. 

Check out our special Stock Up Sale to ring in 2018 and bring a sense of rejuvenation to your household!

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