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Easy Guide for a Rainy Day

Rainy days can be really upsetting. Delays in public transportation, accidentally stepping on puddles or getting splashed on by a passing car, being wet and cold throughout the day, getting sick. There are so many things that could potentially go wrong. We don’t have the power to control the weather, but we do have the power to stay positive, even if we’re wet and late for work. Here are some musical and style aids to help your rainy days be as good as any other day. Or to look out the window of a stopped train car and imagine you are in a music video.

Easy Guide For A Rainy Day
  1. Raincoat by Stutterheim. Yes, cool raincoats exist. These Swedish handmade raincoats are not only functional but also pair well with any outfit
  2. Rain boots by Alice + Whittles. Described as “the tailored alternative to traditional cluncky rain boots”, these boots can be the best friend you need on on a rainy day
  3. Perfect socks for boots by Sheec Comfits for her and TrouSox for him. Perfect socks to wear with boots because they stay put and snuggle your feet
  4. A reliable umbrella by Westerly Goods. The most important part of our rainy day outfit, make it the pop of color that you need
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