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Foot Reflexology to Reduce Stress

Your feet are a powerful link to your overall health. People have been activating these health benefits since ancient times using a technique called Reflexology. This method involves massaging pressure points in specific areas of the foot, where some believe there are neural connections to other parts of the body.

Foot Reflexology is definitely not a cure-all for health ailments, but it is a great way to ease tension in your body after a long day on your feet.

Most of us don't have the time or resources to access professional foot massagers and reflexologists, so we made a simple routine that you can do at home to adapt this technique for yourself at your own time, we call it DIY Reflexology

7 Tips for DIY Reflexology

  1. Prep your feet with your favorite moisturizer or body oil. If you need help choosing, our recommendation is Lavender and Peppermint scents; they are a great option because they are known for their calming and cooling properties!
  2. Start by walking your thumb up from the base of your big toe, gently but firmly pressing into the center as you go. Repeat this three times in the center of your toe before doing the same for the outer and inner edges
  3. Apply gentle pressure to the squishy part of your big toe using your thumbs, supporting the tops of your toes with your other fingers on the other side. Hold for about 5 to 10 seconds
  4. Work your way around your foot repeating steps 2 and 3 for each of your toes
  5. Rub the sole of your foot in a circular motion for at least 15 seconds
  6. Gently pull your thumbs downward from your soles to your heel 5 times, so that your blood flows from the tips of your feet towards the center of your body. This will help with circulation
  7. Finish up with some cozy snug socks to lock in the moisture and keep your feet warm to maintain circulation flow, like our ComFits Lite!

Following these steps at least once a week is a great way to pamper your feet and reap the benefits of ancient techniques in a modern, affordable setting.


Have you ever had a foot massage or done reflexology? Share your story with us in the comments or by tagging us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

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