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How to feel Refreshed Every Day

A weekday can be something very stressful for anyone. The daily routine of going to work, to class, grocery shopping, commuting, cooking, it can become very straining. That is why it’s important to have little simple things that will help you feel refreshed, turn the day around, and be relaxed to start a new day. And no, we’re not going to tell you to drink a lot of water and eat greens. We’re talking about simple, essential, everyday things that will make you feel good, excited, calm, comfortable, and with a clear, refreshed mind.

Essential Guide to a Refreshed Mind

  • Take a nap in freshly washed sheets. The cleanness and softness of the sheets will take over your worried and stressed out thoughts and allow you to relax
  • Tidy up your apartment. Choose one area of the house, living room, kitchen, desk, bedroom, whatever you prefer, and make it neat! It will give you peace of mind and a feeling of accomplishment
  • Keep a journal. Having some 'brain dump on a piece of paper' time can take some worries off your mind and help you come up with solutions for any problems you may have
  • Buy new essentials. Treating yourself in the simplest ways can give you a feeling of freshness every day. New underwear and new socks will feel great against your skin, giving you comfort and confidence to take on the routine in a more positive attitude

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