The beauty of a chic style secret

We know that sometimes the only thing messing up your look is when your hidden socks are not hidden enough. That’s why many women just forego the sock altogether, both cutting down the lifespan of your darling shoes, but also hurting your feet! This is why we came out with an ultra low-cut sock, we dare to say it’s the lowest one in the market. To ensure that these socks work and fit perfectly, we came up with three different sizes. Let’s be real, feet are not all one-size, shoes are not all one-size, socks definitely should not come in one-size. We even have them available in a cotton version and a nylon version, to accommodate your need and preference! The silicone grips on the heel prevent the sock from slipping off your feet and the silicon patches on the sole prevent the sock from moving inside of your shoes. Here’s a secret: you can wear a low cut shoe and keep your feet clean and healthy at the same time. Try our SoleHugger Secret socks.

“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”
― George Orwell, 1984

Sheec from the Story
Women's Solehugger Secret Mannquin
SoleHugger Secret
Guaranteed No-Show Socks

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  • Hi Jenny! The original cotton Secret and the nylon sheer Secret 2.0 have been replaced and upgraded into the one Secret 2.0!

    Sheec on
  • I’m trying to find the nylon version of the ultra low 2.0. I love the cotton version, but can’t seem to find the nylon version that is mentioned in this post from October 27, 2016. Have they been discontinued?

    Jenny on

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