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Stylish Winter into Spring

Stylish Winter Into Spring

As the weather starts getting a little bit warmer, bulky down jackets return to the back of the closet and ankles come out to play, as boyfriend jeans start getting rolled up. A stylish winter into spring transition this year can't happen without these comfortable jeans. Going back to noble materials, leaving spandex behind and sticking with pure cotton denim. Adding a little of edginess with some rips on the knees and rolling up the seams. Old-school dependable brands like Levi's, Lee, or Wrangler, which have been around for years, are the perfect go to. Once broken in, this genuine rigid denim will be the most comfortable and at the same time stylish thing you have ever worn, (other than our sheec socks, of course!)

Complete the Stylish Winter Into Spring look
  • Get even more comfy in a cool tee, rocking the Chloë Sevigny style, check out THIS ONE from 6937
  • It's still a bit cold, so wear this jacket to boost your style, check out THIS ONE from R13
  • It is undeniable that the sneaker, no-sock look is the best pair for this style, chek out THESE ONES from GGBD
  • Pair them with our InvisiSoft to make sure you are always perfectly dressed for the weather

Sheec from the Story
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InvisiSoft Women
Men's Solehugger InvisiSoft Mannequin
InvisiSoft Men

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