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Chic Summer Favorites: BRIC Music Festival

BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn Festival Prospect Park Bandshell 2017

One of the best parts of spending your summer in New York City -if not the absolute best part- is all the free outdoors entertainment. At-night open-air movie screenings and music shows are happening all around the five boroughs so often you won't be able to fit them all in your calendar! Believe us, we've tried. One of our favorite activities is BRIC's CELEBRATE BROOKLYN! at the Prospect Park Bandshell. This beautiful outdoors festival has been home to sounds from all around the world, coming together in a stage surrounded by the green trees of Prospect Park and the colorful variety of people bonding over their favorite music in Brooklyn. On its 38th edition, CELEBRATE BROOKLYN is presenting a roster of over sixty acts across thirty dates, in which you are assured will find at least one show you will enjoy.

This is the perfect setting for a summer hang with your group of friends. Get there early and grab a few chairs up close to the stage or lay down a blanket in the grass hills for a perfect view of the stage. Even though they will have everything you need regarding food and drinks, you are allowed to bring in your own. So prep your favorite snack food and drinks to share with your friends and get ready for a summer afternoon as colorful as your socks!

Here are some of the tunes from this year's roster, and some ideas for colorful comfort!

Feel the Music

Sheec from the Story
Men's Solehugger Active Pop Combo Mannquien
Men's Solehugger Active Urban Combo Mannequin
Urban Palette FOR HIM
Women's Solehugger Active Pop Combo Mannequin
Women's Solehugger Active Urban Combo Mannequin
Urban Palette FOR HER

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