Sustainability has become an increasingly relevant topic in modern society and the fashion industry is not devoid of this conversation. Sustainable fashion refers to the production and consumption of clothing, shoes, accessories, and makeup in an environmentally conscious manner. As the concern of climate change has taken the foreground in global issues, more and more individuals and companies have taken initiatives toward sustainable choices in fashion.


1. Quality over quantity

Good quality products can last much longer and are therefore less wasteful. Investing in products like this is far more environmentally friendly than cheaper, lower quality options.

2. Pay It Forward

Donating clothing, shoes, and accessories rather than throwing them away goes a long way for the environment. These donations can be made to your local thrift store and not only reduce waste but also provide more affordable options for others. Remember though, clothing drives do not accept used socks as donations. Sheec does its part in this by making donations of its socks with minor cosmetic defects (such as logo errors) to numerous charities throughout the year instead of throwing them away!

3. Do Your Research

Organizations such as Fashion Revolution take action for environmental protection in the fashion industry. Sheec is mindful and reduces packaging material whenever possible and designs useful packaging to reduce waste such as our sock inserts, which can be used as a way to store our socks!

In a capitalist market, you as the consumer have all the power to pick which brands you support. By supporting environmentally conscious brands, you allow them to expand on these options and indicate to other brands that this is what their customers want!

Don't let anyone tell you that just one person cannot make a difference even in an issue this large. 

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  • Hi Janell! We’ve written you an email! We hope to resolve your concern. Thank you

    Sheec Customer Service on
  • Hi- I ordered a number of your sole huggers secret 2 low cut liners and high cut liner socks for my daughter. She wears a 10.5 shoe so I ordered size 10-12. She like the feel of them but they seem to small as she says they bend her toes and they make her foot hurt and rub on the shoe. Is this common or does she need the XL instead?? Please advise how I should proceed as I bought 8 low cut liners and 5 high cut liner socks. Thank you.

    Janell Schultz on

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