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Happy National #EatYourVeggies Day!

Happy National Eat Your Veggies Day

When we were kids, we all hated being told by our parents we couldn't leave the table until we finished eating all of our vegetables; Honestly, which kid wants to eat cauliflower when you know there are so many other delicious things out there? Now that we are all grown up and independent, we have learned the importance of eating vegetables in order to be healthy (or at least healthy enough to let yourself eat french fries every now and then!), and we also have some tricks up our sleeves to make these veggies irresistibly delicious! And hey, playing with colors is always fun, and what is more colorful than a plate filled with vegetables?

We get it, you see all those beautiful pictures on social media and feel a little bit intimidated by those healthy foodies eating vegetables you may have never even heard of before. But here is the real deal: They are convenient, cheap, fun and so incredibly healthy and good for you! Sheec celebrates healthy choices, so here are some hacks to eat those vegetables in an easy and delicious way. By the way, did you know that some of our no-show sock colors are inspired by superfoods? Check them out below!

our favorite superfoods

  • Beets First and foremost, this is undeniably the most beautifully colored vegetable in nature. As kids, eating them maybe wasn't that much fun, but using their tint as lipstick was hilarious! Beets are awesome because they basically have a lot of everything that's good for you: nutrients, citamins, AND minerals. There are plenty of health benefits to eating beets, but most importantly, they boost your immune system and heart health! So if you've been getting sick easily or have been feeling very tired, try this amazing recipe for Beet Caprese salad! It looks really delicious, easy to make, and so colorful! And honestly, anything is delicious with fresh mozzarella! Check out the recipe HERE.
  • Kale This was the superfood of the year in 2014, but it's still a winner in the veggies isle of your local grocery store. As one of the most fibrous greens out there, Kale is very good for you, not only because it has zero fat and is very filling, but it also helps transport oxygen inside of your body, keep your cholesterol levels low, and strengthen your bones! Ok, we know that Kale can be a little bitter, but here is a trick to get it down easy and in delicious ways: Try it as chips! Not only are they delicious but they will also satisfy that crave for fried potato chips. Here is an amazing recipe for Crispy Sesame Kale Chips (honestly, that sounds so delicious).
  • Carrots If Bugs Bunny didn't inspire you to eat carrots as a kid, you're probably going to enjoy this recipe as a grown up. Carrots are filled with vitamin A, which goes straight into the retina and helps night vision, now how cool is that? Here is a fun way to enjoy them the grown-up way: Manhattan Glazed Carrots, mixing the classic drink with the healthy food for some spiked and fun healthy snack!

Enjoy these superfoods in your meals and also in the color of your favorite no-show socks!

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Women's Solehugger Active Pop Combo Mannequin
Women's Active Superfood colors!
Men's Solehugger Active Pop Combo Mannequin
Men's Active Superfood colors!
Kid's Solehugger Active Pop Combo Mannquin
Kid's Active Superfood colors!

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