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Always Remember a Mom's Warmth

A mom's warmth is the first thing that we know, the fist thing we become familiar with. From inside of the womb the first thing we ever feel is the comfort of our mother's body, which then evolves into hugs and embraces, and everyday actions that will make us feel warm and fuzzy, even just from remembering them. Like that time when you hurt your knee and she gave you a band aid and a kiss and promised she wouldn't tell your friends you cried. Or like that feeling of a reconciliation hug after a teenage fight. Just like when she packed your favorite snack as a surprise with your lunch or picked you up when you were feeling sick at school. A mom's warmth also comes in the form of the best advice you will ever get, answering to your calls at any time, and helping you with everything and anything they can help you with, even if they are miles away.

A mom's love is a constant feeling of protection that feels just as warm, fuzzy, and cozy as that fleece blanket she got for you when you first moved away from her home. It's a feeling we always want to go back to. This is a feeling that we value a lot at Sheec, so it was with that coziness in mind that we came up with the most comfortable sock we have ever made. Remember your mother's warmth everyday with our own cozy blankets for your feet: The ActiveX

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Women's Solehugger InvisiSoft Flatlay
Cozy and Warm Active X

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