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When Do Socks Need to be Thrown Out?

How often should you replace your socks? It turns out there is not a universal standard on replacing socks because people have more than one pair. But if you only have one pair, and you're wearing & washing them every day, they're bound to wear out faster than if you have several pairs. One way to make socks last longer is to make sure you take care of them. But sometimes, you just have to admit that it's time to let go. These are signs that you can see and feel that tell you it’s time to go online and order a new pair:

signs that you need to throw that away

  • discoloration
  • the elasticity of the sock is gone
  • previously cushioned areas that are getting thin
  • holes
  • pairs are not really pairs anymore

Believe us, we know how hard it can be to part with socks; maybe you even have a lucky pair or two you can't seem to let go, no matter how many times you listen to that James Bay song. If the sock is just hanging off of your feet instead of hugging them, or if it’s got one too many holes, it’s time to get courage and let it go.

Tips for Sock Care

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