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4 Foot-Friendly Yoga Poses for Yoga Beginners

Yoga is all the rage these days and who can blame it! As a low to no cost form of low-impact exercise, yoga is a great tool for freeing your body from the day's stress. Hey, Yoga-enthusiasts rejoice! Because we found 4 of the most foot-friendly yoga poses you can do anywhere.

Try these yoga poses at home

  • Bound Angle pose: Also known as Cobbler's Pose, this seated position engages the hip, thigh, and knee muscles and is a great opportunity to work in a gentle foot massage to keep your hands busy while you hold the pose.
  • Downward Dog with Toe Lifts: This modification to the classic yoga pose engages the muscles at the bottom of your feet and helps elongate the muscles in the backs of your legs. Breathe in deeply and slowly raise your heels off the ground while in downward dog position and hold for 3 to 5 seconds before lowering your heels to the ground on an outbreath.--> Make it easier by just bending in one leg at a time as if you are pedaling instead of lifting both heels off the ground at once!
  • Seated Forward Bend: Reach for your toes as best you can and engage those sole muscles by gently grasping the soles of your feet and pulling them towards your chest.
  • Happy Baby Pose: Channel your inner kid by laying on your back, drawing your knees to your chest and then taking hold of your feet for this inner thigh and hamstring stretch


Activate your inner yogi and get in tune with your feet!


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