Why Do Your Socks Keep Getting Holes In Them?

Are you always getting holes at the toes of your socks? Sheec's Active X socks stand up to the sandpaper test! 

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  • This video is about our Sheec ACTIVE X socks, not our Secret 2.0 socks. Our Secret 2.0 socks are also lab tested for durability in terms of the nylon part and the low-cut, mid-cut, and high-cut are reinforced at the toes. The Secret 2.0 Ultra low-cut cannot be reinforced due to how low-cut they are, but if holes appear on the cotton sole part, it may be due to incorrect sizing. Please reach out to our customer service team!

    Sheec on
  • I have 2 pairs that are less than 6 months old with holes in both on one and one on the second. Are there plans to release something other than the 2.0? I don’t want to order more since it looks like I’m not the only one with issues 😔

    Helena Damato on
  • I have multiple pairs of Sheecs that have holes so I’m not sure how accurate this is.

    Maddie on
  • Hi Alison! Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Our customer service team just sent you an email.

    Sheec on
  • I have 2 sheecs 2.0 that have holes too :(

    Alison on

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