Thank you for your interest in our crew & fashion socks! Unfortunately, the socks you are looking for have been discontinued.

As you may be aware, Sheec has made some amazing developments in the no-show sock space these past 2 years. We see the momentum building up in this area and are developing even more highly tech heavy no-show socks for next year, which we are extremely excited about.

It is one of our pillars that we will never produce anything we don't believe is the BEST. So while we continue our research and development in crew & fashion socks, we've decided to take them down from our site. For now we will only be producing no-show socks at Sheec.

We can proudly say with conviction that Sheec is the best brand of no-show socks in the world, and when we are ready to launch some amazing crew & fashion socks, we'll be sure to let you know!

Until then, please take a look at Sheec's no-show socks!