Getting Sheec Together

Sheec is in the heart of NYC and our employees have been feeling the direct impact of Covid-19 on a very personal level.
As all our non-essential workers enter week 5 of working from home we are excited to share our response with our Sheec friends & family.

New Discount Program

Special 20% Discount Program
for Military, First Responders, Medical, Teachers & Students

Over the years, people have asked if we offered military discounts. We are so happy to launch a new program that uses VerifyPass to provide discounts to not just military, but also first responders, medical, teachers, and students.

Sheec Donation

Simply add it to your cart

New York City is at the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Robin Hood Relief Fund helps New Yorkers by providing food, housing, and funding. We are donating, and now you have the option to as well!

Mesh Bag


ON ALL ORDERS OVER $50 while supplies last because we know, we are ALL DOING LOADS OF LAUNDRY during this time (This does not have to be added by you. We will add it during our fulfillment process).

Dounble Points

on all your orders

until the day that non-essential workers in NY are able to go back to work

Our essential workers are all working on rotation to protect their well-being, so orders may take 1-2 more days than usual for processing. We hope you can understand and can support our small business as we try our very best to get through this all together with you.
Whether you are a non-essential worker or an essential worker, you are essential to the community, so THANK YOU!