Cozy & Warm

When you’re looking for warmth and comfort, nothing beats fleece socks. Sheec’s fleece-lined no-show socks and shoe liners cradle your feet from toe to heel. Soothe your arches and warm your toes with padded, fuzzy comfort without the bulk.


Black & Blue Gray


Inverted stitching and a seamless cuff provide continuous comfort, and extended sizing guarantees an ideal fit for every shoe size. Non-slip heel grips and non-skid bottoms keep these liners on your feet and your feet on the floor, even when you wear them without shoes.


If you wear boots, you know the right sock is essential when you’re trying to balance fashion and comfort. Sheec fleece socks belong in every boot lover’s wardrobe. They fall just below the ankle to keep your feet protected and warm while maintaining the clean, sockless look you love. No struggling to tug boots over bulky fabric—Sheec fleece socks keep your feet warm and your boots protected with thin, insulating fabric. The fleece line comes in two color options, black and blue-gray, subtle enough to fit easily into any winter fashion palette.


Whether you buy them to treat yourself or give them as a gift to a pair of feet you love, Sheec fleece socks cherish and protect your precious toes when they need it most. Whether you wear them with your best suit and Oxfords, your plaid flannel and booties, or alone with your favorite PJs by the fireplace – your feet will be warm and happy in fleece socks from Sheec.