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Sheec Affiliate Program

Who says you can’t show off no-show socks?
Help us spread the word about the best no-show socks on the market!


Three Levels of the Sheec Affiliate Program

1. Sheec Fan

Anyone can be a Sheec Fan, even without a large following!

  • Earn 10% commission on all referrals
  • Get access to our database of images for quick and easy sharing
  • Share your referral link however you want, even if that means simply sharing with a few friends

2. Sheec Influencer

Anyone with a following of 1,000 or more on any platform is eligible to become a Sheec Influencer.

  • Earn 12% commission on all new referrals
  • Create and share your own content
  • Bring consistent traffic to on a monthly basis
  • Get custom coupon codes to help increase web traffic and commission earned
  • Get special coupon codes that count as a conversion trigger for promotional periods

3. Sheec Brand Ambassador

Sheec Influencers are invited to become Ambassadors when we see consistent conversions on a monthly basis.

  • Available by invite only
  • Earn 15% commission on all new and returning referrals
  • Include your referral link with the content you share regularly
  • Bring consistently converting traffic to on a monthly basis
  • Design a personalized webpage on our website with your own images and favorite styles
  • Get custom coupon codes that count as a conversion trigger on a quarterly basis and for promotions
  • Work closely with our team on at least two exclusive collaborations per year

For Influencers and Brand Ambassadors who are given custom coupon codes, please note that these codes are specific to you. If these codes are found on any coupon sites, the code will be invalidated and you will be given a new code.

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