Trust the No Show Sock Pioneers

Bringing you the Secret 3.0,
the revolutionary no show sock so comfortable
you'll forget you have them on.

Upgrades that were 2 years in the making

A sock that was developed and continuously improved since 2012,
now available for pre-order
in 3 different colors with enhanced features.

The Features You Loved About the Secret 2.0

4 coverages for your different types of dress shoes

Seamless edges

Non-Slip Guarantee

Enhanced Features of Secret 3.0

Newly created nylon blend for a comfortable fit right from the get go

- No more breaking in period
- No need to size up (even for on the cusp sizes)

Thin Terrycloth sole for better sweat absorption

Unique Inverted Stitching for Seamless Touch

- Unique branded color stitching

Limited Stock Available for May

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