11 Perfect Gifts for Shoe Lovers

The best gift ideas for shoe lovers: more shoes, right? Always. But if you like to think outside the (shoe) box, if you want to surprise your sneaker fan or your high heel aficionado, check out these gift ideas for shoe lovers of all kinds, from innovative no-show socks to space-saving storage solutions.

Gift Ideas for Shoe Lovers

You never know when you might need the right gift for your shoe lover. These gift ideas would make any occasion a foot fête, even those times when you just want to show your shoe guru a little love and appreciation! 


A shoe rack to display all her prized shoe possessions 

The biggest problem for shoe lovers: you can only wear one pair at a time. Solve that dilemma with a display rack or case designed especially to feature footwear. They may not be wearing those Swarovski crystal-studded slingbacks to the market, but they can admire them every day on their own individual floating shelves in their bedroom. For a DIY route, you can turn that Ikea bookcase into shoe heaven with some custom wallpaper on the back panels—now their shoe habit is a decorative design feature!  shoe rack gift idea for shoe lovers


A built-in closet upgrade  

If you’re looking for a truly unforgettable gift idea for shoe lovers: a surprise closet makeover with custom, built-in shelving for their entire shoe wardrobe! Let someone try and top that. closet upgrade gift idea for shoe lovers


The newest pair they’ve been eyeing lately 

If you decide on a gift of shoes, you can go for a glam pair your shoe lover has been coveting, or look for a new brand that suits their style. Turn back time with some Retro Air Jordans. For a completely original gift for your sneaker lover, customize their Chuck Taylors so they’ll have the one and only pair. new shoes as a gift for shoe lovers


Some luxurious slippers for lounging around the house

Your footwear gifts don’t have to be all fashion and no function! Looking for a gift for your comfort-loving shoe fan? Get them some new pillowy-soft slides or slippers to wear around the house. 

slippers as a gift for shoe lovers

A no-show sock variety bundle for their variety of shoes

Once you have those perfect pumps or those one-of-a-kind Chucks, you need to include the perfect accessory – no show socks. Nobody wants a sneaky bit of sock peeking from their red suede stilettos, and no one appreciates when their sneakers acquire that all-too-familiar sweaty foot funk. 

Shoe lovers know it takes exactly the right cut and material to craft a perfectly hidden, sweat-proof no-show. Every shoe lover owns socks that do peek through—or worse, the socks that do the dreaded heel-slip maneuver until they have scrunched into a painful knot under your foot!

If you want your shoe lover gift to be truly unforgettable, find the right no-show from the get-go. Thankfully, Sheec’s sock starter kit comes with a variety of seven perfectly engineered no-shows for every shoe, from casual sneakers and mules to dressy loafers and heels!no show sock bundle as a gift for shoe lovers

 Sheec Socks Starter Bundle

Gifts for Sneaker Lovers

Sneaker collectors are often on a specific mission to find their “holy grail” pair. But you can still find perfect gifts for sneaker lovers that aren’t the actual sneakers (I mean, have you seen how much the latest Yeezys went for?).

Some shoe cleaner to revitalize their well-loved pairs

Even if some collectors disagree, the point of sneakers is to wear them…but then they get dirty. That’s why cleaning kits make wonderful gifts for sneaker lovers! Canvas, leather, suede: these kits come in all material variations. From cloths and cleaning brushes to waterproofing and shining products—sneaker care and maintenance offers a world of gift ideas for shoe lovers. And once those shoes are clean, there are more gifts for keeping them that way, like travel bags or storage boxes.

shoe cleaner as a gift for sneaker lovers

Art featuring their favorite brand

Of all shoe collectors, sneaker mavens love to show off their shoes. Add to your sneaker lover’s display with an art print or photo of their favorite brand. Whether it’s a cool print of paint-splattered Vans on canvas or a dramatic black and white photo of Moschino two-tones, images of iconic sneakers make a great gift for shoe lovers.

sneaker art for sneaker lovers

No-show socks for their favorite sneakers

Don’t forget sneakers need the perfect socks. Sheec’s casual socks come in so many varieties, your shoe lover will be always be covered, from Converse high tops to slide-on sneaker mules. For sneaker enthusiasts who seek the cushioning and compression of athletic socks but also want a sock that's polished enough for any setting, Sheec's ComFits are making this a reality.

sheec socks for sneakers as a gift for sneaker lovers
Active-X Mid-Cut

Gifts for High Heel Shoe Lovers

High Heel lovers are here for the drama, the glamor, and everything in between. Let’s explore some ideas for these footwear fashionistas!

A DIY pedicure set 

Pedicures are a must because their feet can take a beating in those high heels! It’s always a good time for the gift of foot care. High-heel wearers will love a home pedicure kit, especially with tools to make it easier to keep their feet in shape for heels. 

Whether she’s into strappy sandals or thigh-high boots, she’s going to need the best file – preferably a durable glass one designed for foot care. Include Sheec’s Glass Foot File Combo in a basket with a foot peel mask, foot lotion, and a chic polish or set of nail wraps to create the ultimate DIY pedi basket!

diy pedicure set nail polish to add to gift for high heel shoe lovers


A high fashion book & decor to her high heel display

High heels have been around since the 15th century. Give your high-heel-loving queen a piece of that history with a coffee table book, or even some high-heel figurines from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection. 

fashion book as a gift for high heel lovers

Invisible high heel cushions to keep them comfortable

As long as we’ve been wearing high heels, we’ve been trying to make them less painful! Gift your high heel shoe lover with some relief: Sheec’s Sockshion metatarsal pads protect the balls of the feet from the stress and pressure that comes from high heel wear. With these babies in, she can take on whatever the day brings in style and comfort.

sockshion heel cushion as a gift for high heel shoe lovers



Find More Gifts for Shoe Lovers

The shoe-obsessed loved ones on your gift list will always buy themselves more shoes, so sometimes the best gifts for shoe lovers are shoe accessories. 

Find excellent presents for every shoe lover in your life at Sheec—especially with our non-slip, breathable no-show socks with options for every kind of shoe. While you’re browsing, maybe you’ll remember to get that gift for one more important shoe lover in your life: you!

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