About Sheec No Show Socks

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What is Sheec?

Sheec is a no-show sock brand that was founded in 2012 by a loving husband who wanted to support his pregnant wife. He saw her struggling with no show socks that didn't fit, showed in her shoes, weren't comfortable, and worst of all slipped off. Since then, Sheec has become the go-to brand for men & women everywhere who are tired of no show socks that show, slip-off, and are uncomfortable.


Why is Sheec Different?

  1. Designed with people's feet in mind
    • Sheec does not rely on existing sock forms. Instead, we design our socks according to real people's feet.
  2. Designed with people's fashion styles in mind
    • Sheec takes into consideration the different types of shoes that people are purchasing no-show socks for
  3. Designed with people's lifestyles in mind
    • Sheec, as a NYC based brand, is all about making socks that work throughout the day. You move. Your feet move. Your socks shouldn't.


How is Sheec Different?

  1. SoleHugger® technology
    • SoleHugger is a trademarked term encompassing all the features put into the sock to ensure that the socks hug your feet.
    • We use various types of stitching methods, knitting machines, and all the latest sock tech to make sure that the socks comfortably stay on your feet and NEVER slip off.
    • Sheec socks can't be copied because we combine patented technology with hand crafting to produce a truly unique sock.
  2. Numerous Sizes
    • We never use standard sock forms to design our socks. Different materials have different elasticity and different designs call for different sizing. Most importantly, people's feet everywhere are different. Not only is every single person in our small company involved in the size testing, we also have size testing focus groups.
  3. Dedication to research
    • Developing socks isn't easy, and we're not satisfied just because we designed a great product. We're always studying, always researching, always investing, to see what great new no-show socks we can come up with next.