Who Says You Can't Be Stylish & Comfortable?


John’s wife was commuting to her job at a global financial services firm daily in style–but not in comfort. The usual go-to for women in heels were either no socks or pantyhose, and as the days progressed so did the discomfort for John’s wife. In his attempt to provide his wife with some relief came the birth of Sheec. Born the same year as their first child the first 3 Sheec products were introduced to provide stylish comfort for all those in need: The Secret Ultra Low-Cut socks, Slingback socks and the Sockshion Ball-of-Foot Cushions – all meticulously designed for the perfect fit and support.

Since then, Sheec has grown to be the only no show sock brand for men, women, & youth that designs to tackle the common everyday problem of style and comfort when it comes to socks. It currently boasts 15 different styles of no-show socks for any shoe of your choosing. Sheec is dedicated to improving daily life in a huge way by changing the banal ways of something so simple as socks. 

What we believe

Stylish Comfort

Socks are made with your lifestyle in mind: Sheec is changing the way people think about socks. Traditionally, socks are a functional afterthought, or they’re thought of only as fashion accessories. By designing socks for an intended shoe type or activity, Sheec is able to produce the  most comfortable socks that will support you every day, all day.

Craftsmanship & Construction

Sheec seeks to make EVERYTHING about socks better. Not only are Sheec socks manufactured using a combination of unique fabric blends & patented technology, every sock has a handcrafted element to it. Sheec socks function better, last longer, and are more comfortable.

Personalized Customer Care

We pay attention to details from beginning to end, and what we care about the most is making socks that you love because they were designed for you. Contact us for any assistance finding the right socks for you both before and after you make the purchase. Yes, we have return and exchange policies. But we also have people behind them, making sure that we satisfy your concerns because everyone has different feet and different needs. 

Giving Back

Did you know that socks are the most needed donation item as used socks are not accepted by charities? Throughout the years, we have made donations to numerous organizations throughout the years, including:


Robin Hood Foundation

Socks n’ Undies Sunday

The Bowery Mission

Safe Horizon's Domestic Violence Shelters

Covenant House International

Grand Central Neighborhood

Salvation Army

Dress for Success

Operation Homefront

Compassion International


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