Foot and sock accessories

Foot and sock accessories are essential for extending the life of your shoes and socks while also protecting your foot health.
Sheec offers a selection of high-quality products for maintaining your footwear and feet!

We all know it doesn’t take long for your socks to go missing. That’s why sock laundry bags are an essential sock accessory – put your socks in a fine mesh bag so you’ll never lose one again. Not only do these attractive bags keep your socks together, but they also protect the fabric, meaning your socks will look better and last longer. Use these bags for your Sheecs, tights, and any other delicates. You can even try a travel-sized mesh bag to wash your favorite socks on the go (or use it to store a spare pair in your bag for those days when you need a fresh start).

Any shoe lover knows the struggle of not being able to easily slide your shoes on your feet. Shoe horns are the perfect tool to help you quickly and easily slip into your shoes. Even better, you’ll stop squishing the heels of your shoes, and your socks won’t pill as much.

If you can hear your feet slide against your socks…it’s time for a foot file. Sheec’s glass foot files come in Fine and Super Fine grains, so whether you’re a slingback or boot lover, you can remove that dead skin and give your feet the treatment they deserve. Plus, these glass models won’t damage your skin the way that steel files or blades can.

Do your feet, socks, and shoes a favor by using the right tools to maintain foot health and shoe life from Sheec.