Women's No-Show Clog Socks

Explore half clog socks for your backless shoes.
Sheec's socks for clogs and sneaker mules are perfect for casual backless slip-on shoes, and you'll be amazed when they never slide off.

Looking for the best socks for clogs? Look no further than Sheec. Our women’s no-show clog socks are perfect for the casual backless, slip-on style of clogs to provide extra comfort and warmth. There are five color options available — black, beige, white, gray, and indigo/navy — so you can find the perfect pairing to go with every pair of clogs in your closet.

These clog socks are perfect for all-day wear, with antibacterial and moisture-wicking properties built into the design to ensure your feet stay dry and cozy no matter where they take you. This incredibly soft and breathable fabric blend is like a hug for your feet — you won’t want to take them off!

But our clog socks don’t just focus on comfort. They balance comfortable wear with high performance, staying hidden under your shoes all day long. Sheec socks are guaranteed not to slip off, thanks to the non-slip grip and innovative sock technology we’ve pioneered. A non-slip silicone patch helps keep these backless socks in place all day long, letting you enjoy your favorite pair of clogs in sockless style.