Sheec parings for Rothy's

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"I love Sheec socks because they're comfortable, they stay in place and the reinforced toes truly help to prolong the life of the socks through all of my daily adventures."

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Women's Secret 3.0 Ultra Low-cut


"The Secret Ultra Low-Cut socks are great because they're the most versatile pair of Sheecs for my wardrobe. I love that they pair perfectly with my Rothy's Flats, Points and Mary Janes, but also with my Tieks ballet flats, and nearly every other dressy closed-toe shoes in my closet."

195 reviews
$12.00 USD

Women's Secret 3.0 Low-cut


"I love my Rothy's Loafers because they're lightweight, casual and perfect for a quick trip out the door. Sheec's Secret Low-Cut socks provide the perfect amount of casual no-show coverage while I'm out"

92 reviews
$12.00 USD


Women's Secret 3.0 Mid-cut

Thin Liner No Show Socks

"The Secret Mid-Cut also pair great with my Rothy's sneakers and I love the touch of silicone on the bottom of the sole ensures that I won't slide around on my bare floors as I'm chasing kids around the house and trying to get ready to go."

54 reviews
$12.00 USD

Men's Active-X Mid-cut

Thin Knitted No Show Socks

"I've worn the Active Low-Cut Sheec socks more than any other pair. I've practically been living in my Rothy's Sneakers when I take my two kids outside to play or go for a walk around the block. The lightweight knit fabric is soft, stretchy and comfortable."

12 reviews
$11.00 USD


Women's Secret 3.0 High-cut

Thin Liner No Show Socks

"The Sheec Secret High-Cut socks offer maximum coverage for a no-show sock. They pair perfectly with my Chelsea Rothy's to prevent any possible friction or discomfort."

22 reviews
$12.00 USD

Women's Active-X Mid-cut

Thin Knitted No Show Socks

"The Sheec Active Mid-Cut socks have a higher cut that peek out a bit from under my Rothy's sneakers, but they are a great match for most other slip-on sneaker styles. I love the casual, comfortable knit material and that the reinforced toe gives these socks added durability so much that I sometimes wear them with my Rothy's sneakers anyway!"

72 reviews
$11.00 USD

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