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"I thought good fitting no-show socks were an urban myth until I found Sheec. They really stay in place and don't show, even in my lowest cut footwear."

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Jodie's Pick for Open type shoes

SockShion Foot Cushions for Heels

Ball of Foot Cushion No Show Socks for Sandals, Open Toe Shoes, and Heels

"The answer to sandals with no cushion for the balls of my feet" — Jodie

46 reviews
$10.00 USD $14.00 USD

Jodie & Rob's picks for Secret 3.0 socks

Women's Secret Ultra Low-Rise Socks

Thin Liner No Show Socks for Flats and Pumps

"It's incredible how these don't show yet still stay on. I never used to wear socks with my ballet flats and pumps, but now it's possible." — Jodie

199 reviews
$7.00 USD $12.00 USD

Men's Secret Mid-cut

Thin Liner No Show Socks for Loafers

"My feet don't sweat as much in these and they don't make my feet hot."
— Rob

82 reviews
$7.00 USD $12.00 USD

Jodie & Rob's picks for Active-X socks

Women's Active Low-cut

Thin Knitted No Show Socks for Low Cut Sneakers

"These are the best for my sneakers and loafers and are so comfortable."
— Jodie

77 reviews
$8.00 USD $11.00 USD

Men's Active Mid-cut

Thin Knitted No Show Socks for Regular Sneakers

"These stay on my feet even when I pull off my shoes. They don't move around the entire day." — Rob

81 reviews
$7.00 USD $11.00 USD

Sheec Sock Guide

Choosing the Right Sheecs for You.