Modal Fabric

The ultimate comfort sock that is lightweight, breathable & moisture-wicking with seamless toe technology.

When you’re searching for the perfect sock, the material matters. Experience the versatility of modal socks from Sheec, made with an incredibly soft, sustainable fabric blend with a range of benefits, from global to personal. Ultra-soft, breathable, and absorbent, modal socks are the secret to keeping your feet dry and comfortable all day long.


match with casual shoes and sneakers


Modal fabric comes from tree cellulose and uses less water to process than many other natural fabrics, including cotton. Modal fabric socks also give you the antibacterial and moisture-wicking properties you require for all of your athletic shoes, sneakers, driving shoes, boat shoes, and other slip-ons.


Modal socks are thinner and more versatile than other cotton varieties, though, and can easily work with any shoe type. No more reaching into the sock drawer and pulling out the wrong pair for the day—these socks will work for any casual shoe and any level of activity. Sheec modal socks come in colors to suit every pair of shoes in your closet: black and indigo-navy to suit your dressier styles, neutral beige and gray for all seasons, and white for sport. Non-slip heel grips keep our modal socks in place.


Say goodbye to uncomfortable bunching and bending over to pull your loose sock back over your heel. With Sheec, you can walk, run, and jump – all while your feet stay safely ensconced in comfort. Sheec offers extended sizing for a perfect fit in every pair. Do your feet and the environment a favor by expanding your sock drawer with Sheec modal socks.