How We Designed No Show Socks that Don’t Slip Down

We certainly aren’t the first brand to claim they made no show socks that won't slip down. Many a hope has been raised, and many a dollar wasted by the empty promises of sock stability. This is why Sheec was founded. Especially as a small business, we rely almost exclusively on customer satisfaction. We don’t just claim to sell no show socks that actually stay on, we guarantee it. Here's how.



At Sheec...and everywhere else… one size size simply DOES. NOT. FIT. ALL!

Here’s a little sock industry terminology for you, it’s called the Sock Form. This is the enigmatic size that sock scientists have discovered that allows any foot of any length, width, or height to fit into one singular size.

At Sheec, we recognize that this simply makes no sense, so we don’t use those “standard” sock forms. Instead, we use real people’s feet to create a wide range of our own sock forms so that we can provide our customers with extended sock sizes that fit ALL feet.

Secret 3.0 Ultra Low-Cut

No matter how long and narrow, how short and wide, how high the arch or how irregularly shaped the heel (what?) we create socks in sizes that work with your feet. We take into consideration how different styles and material compositions will have different elasticity and will fit differently. This is why each of our sock styles has its own specific size chart.

Our socks cover women’s U.S. shoe size 5-14 and men’s U.S. shoe size 6-12.5, and we’re still not satisfied! We are constantly testing and tweaking, constantly working to expand sizes and encompass more feet.

We really strive to be a brand that works with the customer. If you have difficulty finding socks in your size, even on our own site, reach out to us! We are always looking for new members for focus groups to help us create the ideal socks.



Believe it or not, the material of the socks you wear with specific shoes also plays a role in them staying up, or sliding off. Shoes have different inner linings, different ways of fitting on the feet, different insoles, etc. which all lead to different friction points.

What we’re trying to say is that different types of shoes require different types of socks. This is why we create our own blend of fabrics to pair seamlessly with different types of shoes, making for no show socks that actually stay on, no matter what shoe you’re wearing.



We have two main styles of socks for both men and women. The first is the Secret 3.0 collection which are thin liner socks for dressy shoes such as Tieks, Rothys, Oxford loafers, or high heels. Our other style is the Active-X collection which are ultra-soft modal socks designed for casual shoes.

The Secret 3.0 socks are designed with a patented SoleHuggingTM technology which means they will be snug out of the package and then expand to perfectly hug your feet. The unique stitching technique has small spaces between each stitch which allows for the expansion.

The Active-X socks are knitted, which makes them more elastic. You can see how they won’t fall off by looking at the way they bunch up when you take them off your foot. Rather than lie flat, the Active-X socks scrunch inwards, just like they do when you are wearing them.



The final way we ensure our product doesn’t slip off is by equipping our socks with silicone grip. Now, just about every no show brand uses silicone grips. However, with a lot of brands, the silicone grips simply don’t do enough. Oftentimes they are just too small to do anything or too poorly attached to survive the washing machine. Many brands also fail to acknowledge how different material compositions and usage of the socks will require different types of silicone to be effective.

How do we know so much? Because we were one of the first brands to create socks with silicone grip, and we continue to be one of the leaders in coming up with different types of grips.

All of our socks have a silicone grip that wraps around the heel, ensuring complete stability. Some of our lower cut ones such as the Secret 3.0 Ultra Low Cut and Secret 3.0 Low Cut have a silicone grip at the toe as well to prevent movement of the socks from the front of your feet. The Secret 3.0 uses a flat silicone grip which works better with the nylon material. The Active-X uses a multi-directional thicker grip which allows you to be more “active” in your casual shoes without having to worry about slippage!

We understand you may have been hurt by the false claims of past no shows, but we aren’t them. We are in the business of customer satisfaction. We offer a no-hassle return policy because we know we create the best no show socks that don't slip down. If you are new to Sheec you can try us today for 15% off when you sign up for our newsletter.

If you have any questions about our products or how to pair them, reach out to us. Our customer service team is happy to answer any and all questions you have!


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