How to Wash Socks the Right Way: A No-Show Laundry Guide

Caring for your no-show socks the right way can drastically extend their lifespan. To help you make the most of your favorite pairs, we’ve created the no-show laundry guide so you can learn the best way to wash socks, how to dry socks, and enjoy your socks for years to come!


How to Wash Socks


  1. Separate all your socks from the rest of your clothes.
  2. Turn your dirty socks inside out.
  3. Toss your socks into a laundry mesh bag.
  4. Wash your socks on a cooler, gentle cycle so that your delicates remain intact.
  5. Air dry your socks if possible, or tumble dry with no heat to help maintain their integrity.

We get a lot of questions about the best way to care for our Sheec socks. As a general rule of thumb, they should be cared for just like any other delicate in your closet. You can use the washing machine as long as you take a few extra steps to protect your socks!


What Temperature to Wash Socks

First, you need to know how to clean socks without damaging the delicate materials. You should run your socks through a cold cycle in your washing machine using a mesh laundry bag. We recommend the cooler cycle so that the elastic and silicone grips in your no-show socks stay intact.

Washing Socks with Clothes

We know washing all of your laundry together can help save you time and money, but washing socks with clothes isn’t always the best option.

We recommend washing your socks separately if you prefer to use warm or hot water for your clothing items. However, if you’re washing socks with clothes that also require a cold cycle, laundering them together is fine!


How to Dry Socks

At Sheec, we prefer to air dry our no-show socks. If you want to use the dryer, we recommend tumble drying your socks on NO heat to help maintain their integrity.

Washing on the cold cycle and air drying your Sheecs protects the high cotton concentration and helps to keep your silicone grips good as new for as long as possible.


How to Not Lose Socks in the Wash 

No show socks are very small, which makes them the perfect candidates for dryer-consumption. We've lost enough of our socks to the wash, which is why we've expanded our collection of laundry bags for our no show socks. 

Our no-show laundry mesh bags keep your socks safe in the laundry machine, offering a foolproof way to make sure you take out every sock you put into the wash. We offer three different size laundry bags with three different size holes for varying levels of dirtiness.  

Now that you know how to wash socks the Sheec way, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite pairs for even longer. When in doubt, always COLD HAND WASH and AIR DRY your no-shows to keep them looking good as new!


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Sheec Laundry Mesh Bag Collection

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