Laundry Essentials for No Show Socks

Sheec socks are not just any pair of socks. We put a lot of work and detail into the production process to give you the best product possible. This is why they should be cared for just like any other delicate in your closet. Recommended Laundry Essentials practices for our amazing products are: cold cycle or cold hand-wash, and air-dry or tumble dry on low, but we favor air dry! Colder cycles and air-dry protect different essential elements of the sock, such as high cotton concentration and silicon grips. Our socks are meant to last, so we suggest using a laundry bag. We don’t want your socks to disappear into the mysterious depths of your laundry machine!

When in doubt, always COLD HAND WASH and AIR DRY

Sheec from the Story
Sheec Laundry Mesh Bag Collection
Sheec Laundry Mesh Bag Collection
Tips for Sock Care

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