10 Clever Ways to Wrap Socks as a Gift

Whether the holiday season is approaching, you’re celebrating a loved one's birthday, or you’re giving your best friend a present “just because,” one thing is for certain: you have to not only pick out a wonderful gift for anyone on your list, and you also have to give them a festive and fun wrapping for the occasion! 

Luckily, Sheec has you covered on both fronts — socks are a fantastic gift that everyone will love, and we’ve compiled this list of fun and clever ways to wrap socks to help you take your gift to the next level. Here are 10 great ideas for how to wrap socks as a gift that will bring a smile to anyone’s face all year long.

woman opening wrapped socks as a gift

1. Rolled in a decorative basket.

If you plan to gift a variety of socks to a lucky person this year, consider using a decorative basket to display them. Not only will your giftee get a great bunch of socks, but they’ll also get a great basket they can repurpose in their homes. Who doesn’t love a two-for-one wrapping option?

Step 1: Line each pair up and roll them tightly together, using a piece of festive string or a band to secure them.

Step 2: Once you have all the pairs rolled, choose a basket that is just large enough to hold all of them standing up — you want the basket to be large enough to fit all your socks in snugly next to one another.

Step 3: Your goal is to arrange them so the colors and patterns complement each other, and so the end result looks purposeful.

Step 4: Finish the package with a bow on the handle of the basket, and you have a gift anyone would love to receive!

2. Used as stocking stuffers. 

Sometimes — even though we 100% support socks being the main event of your gift — you want socks to be a supplement to another gift. In that case, consider using them as fun stocking stuffers for an extra surprise. Rather than just cram them into the stocking though, consider making them look a bit more festive. If you're aiming for maximum comfort, consider adding a pair of ComFits performance socks into the mix for an extra luxurious feel.

Step 1: Put one sock inside of the other, and then flatten them a bit, so you have a long, tube-like structure.

Step 2: Cut a piece of cardboard to carefully put into the middle of the sock roll to make it a bit stiff.

Step 3: Place those in the stocking so you can see the socks peeking out of the top.

This is a great option for when you want to gift a bundle of socks to someone in a festive way! 

stocking stuffer sock gift

3. Make a sock cake.

This is a fun way to wrap socks for any occasion, especially a birthday or graduation. It makes for a unique presentation and is sure to make everyone smile.

Step 1: Use the same rolling technique you did for the basket idea.

Step 2: Once you have all of your rolled socks, stand them up and then bunch them together in a circle.

Step 3: Fill the middle with additional pairs of rolled socks laying on their side, and then use a festive ribbon to bind everything together. For the most effective display, you’ll want to do at least two layers of the “cake,” with the bottom layer larger than the top.

Step 4: For bonus points, add a “cake topper” to the finished product.

4. Put them in a jar.

If you — or your giftee — love getting things in jars, then don’t forget about the socks! You can create a fun presentation using any glass jar of your choice, making this a great option when you want to gift a single pair of socks.

Step 1: Line the jar with the pair of socks so you show off the color or pattern.

Step 2: Place the socks inside the jar with the toes pointed up, and then add a few extra goodies to make your gift even more special.

Things to consider including with your socks would be chocolate bars, body lotions, or perfumes.

If you love this technique but want to give several pairs of socks, don’t fear! In that case, stack them on top of each other, or use the roll technique instead to line the inside of the jar. Once the jar is full, top it off with the lid and a ribbon to celebrate the occasion.

5. Create a Christmas cracker sock wrap.

For anyone who celebrates Christmas and wants a fun way to gift socks during the holiday season, using a Christmas cracker wrapping technique can be a fun way to slip a few pairs under the tree. 

Step 1: Roll your socks as you did in the earlier techniques.

Step 2: Cut a rectangular piece of your favorite holiday wrapping paper, and place it horizontally on a flat surface.

Step 3: Place your sock roll in the center of the edge, and then roll until you reach the end, securing it with tape and leaving you with a long tube with a pair of socks in the middle.

Step 4: Carefully twist the paper on either side of your socks, creating that Christmas cracker look with the two ends left open.

Step 5: Use tape to ensure the twists don’t unravel before the big day. 

6. Use a box.

Let’s be honest here, sometimes you just want to make things easier to wrap. While you can certainly play with wrapping socks in creative ways, there are times when you just want to simplify. 

To achieve this look, you can, of course, use any box you want. But you can also consider getting pre-made holiday gift boxes that don’t just make wrapping easy, they make shopping easy as well! Sheec offers sock gift boxes for both men and women with the option to choose between classic or cozy styles, and either five or 10 pairs.

sock box gift

7. Make a sock cupcake.

If you plan to give socks to a baker in your life, or you want a fun idea for a birthday party, consider making sock cupcakes. In this technique, you actually only use one sock per cupcake, so each pair will make two. This is a great way to add some whimsy to any occasion, and you can change up the colors and patterns to match the season or event.

Step 1: Take a single sock and start rolling it from the cuff, with the toe on the outside.

Step 2: Use a string or a band to secure it, but instead of around the center, tie it more toward one side.

Step 3: Fluff it up a bit, and then take hold of the cuff in the center of the roll and pull it out slightly, so you form a bit of a cone shape — it should look a bit like the icing on a cupcake. 

Step 4: Place this roll with that conical side up in a cupcake wrapper, and then repeat for the other sock in the pair.

You can display these any way you would a cupcake, including using a box with a festive ribbon, on a cupcake tray, or arranged on a table.

8. Have someone else do the wrapping.

If you want socks that come to you already wrapped and ready to gift, that’s an option as well! 

Sheec offers a gold gift wrap that includes a personalized message from yours truly, so all you have to do is hand it to the lucky recipient.

9. Make a sock bouquet.

Who doesn’t like to get flowers for a special occasion? But while flowers will wilt and eventually fade, a bouquet of socks will be a gift that lasts.

Step 1: Gather good number of pairs of socks, preferably in bright solid colors that complement each other, but feel free to use whatever socks your giftee will love.

Step 2: Roll each pair into an individual flower by taking a wooden stick or skewer, placing one end on the cuff, and starting to roll.

Step 3: Use a string or a band to secure the lower end of the roll, so the upper end will open like flower petals.

Step 4: Once you have all your rolls, bunch them together and use wrapping paper, tissue paper, or a vase to tie them all together.

Step 5: If you want to get extra fancy, tuck a few live flowers in among the socks before gifting your bouquet!

10. Tie them together with a bow.

Finally, a simple ribbon-tied gift is a classic option.

Step 1: Roll your socks.

Step 2: Tie those rolls together with a great ribbon and a bow.

This method puts your socks on full display, but the gift still feels meaningful with the beautiful addition of the bow!

socks inside a gift box

At the end of the day, socks make a great gift for everyone on your list, no matter the occasion or time of year. And if you’re looking for sock gift ideas, Sheec has the perfect sock gifts for both men and women, with individual socks and bundle options available all year long.


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