National Sock Day: What It Is & How to Celebrate

We love the magical time of year when we take a moment to celebrate what’s most important and remember what we never want to take for granted. The things that support us from our very foundations, that brighten our lives, that warm our… toes. That’s right – National Sock Day!

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What Is National Sock Day?

National Sock Day came about in 2016 when the clothing manufacturer A Pair of Thieves suggested a day of celebration for the noble, hardworking sock. Now every December 4th, the company pledges to donate a pair of socks for every #nationalsockday hashtag they see as we show off our favorite foot coverings, acquire new favorites, give sock gifts, and participate in other sock-related activities. 

How To Capture that National Sock Day Joy

Sign me up, you say, ready to embrace the spirit of giving that is the true meaning of National Sock Day. So, how can you maximize your enjoyment of this relatively new and universally relevant day of sock celebration? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s a guide to making the most of National Sock Day.

national sock day

Know Your Sock History

The Egyptians and Vikings used an early form of knitting, the Romans wrapped, and the Greeks clustered some animal fur around their feet. On National Sock Day, we celebrate our modern incarnation of the foot covering human beings have been perfecting for thousands of years. No matter the geography or climate, soft foot protection has been a necessity. The word “sock” itself made its way from the Greek sykhos, which the Romans adapted to soccus. When the Romans brought the word north, the Anglo-Saxons shortened it to socc

Makes you want to celebrate those humble little socks you’re wearing right now, doesn’t it? How about this: nylon, the genius material that allows sock elasticity wasn’t invented until 1938, a pretty long time after the Romans were figuring out the Greeks might be onto something. Before that, you’d have had to wear a contraption like a garter or walk around holding your socks up with your hands, which would have made ancient life even more difficult. 

Once you know how long we’ve been trying to get socks right, you can better appreciate the miracle of modern socks. That’s what National Sock Day is all about.

Wear Those Socks

This year on December 4th, show your National Sock Day spirit by wearing your favorite pair, or treat yourself to some new ones! Sheec has the ideal pair for your favorite shoes – no more shuffling through a sock drawer crowded with overworn and ill-fitting options. Choose your Sheec socks from a wide range of sizes, fabrics, and cuts.

wearing sheec socks for national sock day

Have a Sock Spa Day

Your socks deserve your special attention on National Sock Day. More importantly for you, appropriate care will make your socks last a lot longer. Protect your good socks and keep them in a pair with these mesh laundry bags (which are also perfect for travel). Otherwise, you might have to take part in the sock memorial during Lost Sock Day on May 9th!

Make Sock Puppets and Plush

If you do have some single socks, save them from their lonely sock drawer shame by turning them into fun sock puppets. Or make National Sock Day gift-worthy plushes out of them. Go classic with a Sock Monkey, or make some cute sock creatures, from narwhals to gnomes.

More Sock DIY

Upcycle old socks into useful everyday items from arm warmers to door draft stoppers. Even if you aren’t super crafty, you can make National Sock Day memorable by fashioning yourself some coffee mug warmers or dusting mitts. With enough extra socks, you can create decorative wreaths, blankets, and even rugs!

Give Socks

Every day is a holiday when you give socks to your loved ones! A sock bundle gift from Sheec makes National Sock Day a time to celebrate the liberation of old, worn-out socks from your wardrobe. Give the gift of sock renewal with a versatile sock assortment. Sheec socks represent the pinnacle of thousands of years of sock innovation, so what better way to celebrate? 

gifting socks for national sock day

Socks for Those in Need

As National Sock Day 2022 approaches, keep in mind that socks are so essential that they are the number one requested donation item at shelters.In the true spirit of the holiday, donate these much-needed articles of clothing to a local shelter near you. These versatile, long-wearing socks keep feet warm and dry.

Share the joy of National Sock Day and make a difference! Don’t forget to use the #nationalsockday hashtag to keep the giving going. 

Happy National Sock Day!

Remember that socks are one of the thousands of little things you tend to notice only if they aren’t working. On National Sock Day, feel that gratitude for socks done right, the ones that protect your feet and keep your day running smoothly. Clear out the ones you don’t wear and replace them with high quality socks in multiple fabrics and profiles. 

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