Innovative Comfort: No Show Nylon Socks

A unique blend of polyester and nylon that is lightweight and feels like second skin.
You'll forget you have them on.

Protect both your feet & shoes w/ InvisiLite

💖 No Bunching 🎉 No Bulky Knits 🏆 Fits in Tight Shoes 🧼 Minimizes Friction
InvisiLite socks are the go-to sock for everyday comfort, style, and versatility.
They protect both your feet and your shoes, all without the bulk of a heavier knit.


match with tight fitting shoes from heels to booties


While they are perfect for dress shoes, InvisiLite socks work with any kind of shoe, minimizing friction and providing easy on-and-off for slip-on or lace-up shoes and boots. Sheec’s invisiLite socks go beyond the durability and ease of the fabric itself with specially-designed seamless edges and inverted stitching for the best fit and ultimate comfort. Ultra-lightweight and whisper-thin, Sheec InvisiLite socks come in four color options, from classic black to a range of neutral shades.


Sheec InvisiLite socks also offer no-show profiles for all shoe styles. Plus, our extended sizing guarantees a perfect fit every time, no matter your shoe size. Strategic silicone grips keep these nylon socks securely on your heels, while the nylon material allows your foot to move and breathe inside the shoe. InvisiLite’s durable nature means you get to enjoy your favorite pairs for longer, and it makes sock care easy and simple.


InvisiLite fabric makes for a seamless and comfortable sock experience – no bunching, no bulky wrinkling, and no ankle bags. Long-lasting and infinitely wearable, InvisiLite socks are the ones you will reach for every time you pull out your flats, loafers, and more. Shop Sheec’s InvisiLite designs and learn why this material is a fan favorite among shoe lovers.