Women's No Show Socks for Mules and Slingbacks

The key to the best socks for mules and slingbacks is fit, and these socks are guaranteed never to slip off. The problem with many no shows socks comes down to performance: if you have to take them off because they keep sliding in your shoe, they are a problem, not a solution.

Yes, wearing socks with mules and slingbacks is a thing! Sheec’s socks for slingbacks and mules offer a hidden shoe liner option for any type of backless shoe you can imagine. From strappy-heeled sandals to casual sneaker mules, we’ve got you covered.

Sheec offers four sock options for every type of backless shoe, with extended sizing to get that perfect fit every time. The silicone grip on all of Sheec’s socks helps keep your socks in place all day. Wearing clogs with footless tights? Grab some half socks in nylon or knit. Standing all day in high heels? Stay comfortable with Sheec’s SockShion, an invisible pad to protect your foot invisibly and securely.

Shop the whole collection and build your own personalized no-show sock assortment to fit every one of your barest pairs!