Shoe insoles are an important step in your foot care routine, but they definitely have their downsides. While insoles can help your feet, they also need to be stuck into your shoes which can completely ruin them!

The SockShion is the alternative to all of this. The Sockshion is an antibacterial, washable, ergonomic cushion that sits under the ball of your foot to prevent pain in high heels just like a gel insert, but without any of the mess!

Helping your posture

Remember all those times your mom told you to sit straight? Turns out, your feet had more to do with it than you think. According to research called The Relationship Among Foot Posture, Core and Lower Extremity Muscle Function, and Posture Stability, foot posture affects the overall posture of a person. This correlation has significance as a person’s posture is connected to things such as back pain, knee pain, fatigue, mood, and breathing efficacy, among many others.

We understand the seriousness of such issues and therefore have designed the SockShion. We know that when you are wearing shoes, especially heels, the weight of your body gets shifted to the ball of the foot, which can harm your back, knees, and hips. With SockShion, you can release the pressure onto the cushion, ensuring that your feet are pain-free and a proper posture is maintained, no matter what kind of shoes you plan on wearing.

Curing existing foot pain

For conditions such as Metatarsalgia and Morton’s Neuroma, which cause pain on the ball of the foot between the bases of the toes, WebMD suggests shoe inserts to alleviate pain.

However, we recommend SockShion, a cushion that provides comfort right on the ball of the foot. Unlike inserts that can easily become misplaced in your shoes, you can rely on SockShion to stay in place: it hooks onto your big and little toe to stay secure and hidden and has silicone non-skid patches to prevent slipping inside of the shoe.

Caring for your feet

Some essential parts of footcare are cleanliness and preservation. But you may be wondering, what do those have to do with shoe insoles, or even SockShion?

While shoe insoles can provide your feet with comfort, they fall short in the cleanliness department. Insoles cannot be cleaned easily, causing your feet to be exposed to unsanitary conditions inside your shoes! On the other hand, SockShion is extremely easy to wash.

Increasing your shoe’s lifespan

We all want our favorite pair of shoes to last a bit longer in our lives. At Sheec, we understand that sentiment completely, and have designed SockShion to not only care for your feet, but also your shoes.

If you know of insoles by Dr. Scholl’s, you know they are most known for their ability to stick to your shoes, so they don’t get misplaced or cause any discomfort during use. However, those insoles can damage your shoes simply because of their stickiness. And once stuck, they also cannot be readjusted for your comfort.

SockShion’s versatile quality helps your feet get comfortable in any shoe, and its antibacterial fabric keeps your shoes and feet clean and fungus-free!

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