Styling Doc Martens: 6 Unique Sock Pairings for Doc Marten Boots

Whether you’re wearing the Docs you’ve had since the 80s or you’re breaking into this year’s limited edition styles, you need the right socks to go with your Doc Martens. In order to balance style, comfort, foot health, and shoe maintenance of these long-wearing boots, there are several important factors to consider when you pick your pair of socks.

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Choosing What Socks to Wear With Doc Martens

Anybody who has worn a pair of new Doc Martens can tell you there is a significant breaking-in period of usually three to six weeks. Once you do break in a pair of Doc Martens, whether they’re boots, oxfords, loafers, or Mary Janes—they will be molded to your particular foot shape. With care, they’ll last you for years!

The first and most important way to care for your investment: wear the right socks with your Docs. If you have a brand new pair, consider setting up stages of socks for your breaking-in period. Begin with thicker socks to protect your feet from blisters and to help stretch the leather. These lightweight merino wool socks won’t bunch, and the blister tab helps protect your heel. 

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6 of the Best Socks for Doc Martens

Once you’ve made those Docs your own, you’ll have more freedom to switch up your style and opt for thinner, more breathable pairs. Here are some pairing ideas to inspire you:

  1. Boot socks. Switch to a thinner sock designed especially for boots for the classic Doc Marten shoe. Sheec’s ankle socks for boots protect your ankle, and the no-slip silicone keeps your foot from sliding inside the boot and causing blisters and shoe wear. You’ll be able to slide your boots on easily over this durable blend of cotton and nylon.boot socks
  2. Oxford socks. Get the no-show look with casual Doc Marten styles like these platform oxfords. These high-cut socks with a reinforced toe and heel, along with arch support, give you the perfect foundation. Our high-rise Active socks are perfect for Doc oxfords and more. active high cut
  3. Loafer socks. While Doc Martens can be funky and trendy, the line offers classic looks like these tasseled loafers. For dressier shoes, we recommend the Secret high rise socks. These barely-there socks have a nylon upper with a soft cotton sole, softening the wear of dress shoes while staying out of sight. Non-slip heel grips keep them in place, too.secret high cut
  4. Low-cut no-shows. Doc Marten Mary Janes are almost as iconic as their lace-up styles. You might be tempted to skip the socks altogether because of the cutouts on the uppers. Keep your feet happy (and keep your shoes longer) with a low-cut no-show socksecret low cut
  5. Tights. Nylons and tights in bright colors or eye-catching prints pair exceptionally well with Doc Martens. Footless tights look great with oxfords or Mary Janes, but don’t forget you’ll need some no-show socks if your tights don’t protect your show socks
  6. Your favorite sock textures and lengths. Some fun pointelle over-the-knee socks bring a delicate edge to Doc Martin boots. Cable knit thigh highs give the Mary Janes a trendy update, but they’re super cozy for winter, too. If you're seeking performance features like cushioning and compression but don't want to sacrifice style, there are socks that strike the perfect balance. Experiment with unique socks that fit the season and your style!high socks to wear with doc martens

Whether you want to show your socks or not, Doc Martens are a sock lover’s shoe. You can style and restyle them, completely changing their look. 

A pair of Doc Martens can last for decades with the right care. Part of that care is wearing the right sock, even when you go for the classic sockless look with Docs. Luckily, Sheec has the socks you need for all of your Doc Martens. 

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