No Show Men's Fleece Socks

Need some help braving the cold winter weather? Explore our men’s fleece socks, guaranteed to keep you warm all season long.
Sheec’s fleece socks for men are designed to keep your feet cozy and never slip off.

Who doesn’t love a good toasty pair of socks? And even better — the men’s fleece no-show socks from Sheec combine all the cozy benefits of fleece with a perfect no-show sock design. Enjoy our fleece socks for men in two color patterns: black and a blue/gray mix.

Our men’s fleece socks are designed to fall just below the ankle and stay in place all day long, making them the perfect pairing with short winter boots. The padded design along with a warm lining at the sole and toe makes for a lightweight sock that brings all the coziness of fleece with none of the bulk.

With inverted stitching and a seamless cuff, these will become the most comfortable socks you own. The sock’s non-slip heel grip and non-skid bottom help make sure your socks always stay on your feet (and that you stay on your feet too)!

Explore Sheec’s extended sizing options and get the perfect fit for your new favorite no-show fleece sock. You’ll never have to worry about sock bunching or sliding with your Sheecs – they’re guaranteed to stay in place and keep you cozy.