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Chic Affiliate FAQ

Detailed FAQ Page for Affiliates Program:

1. Who Can Sign Up?

ANYONE! Anyone can sign up to be a Sheec affiliate.

2. Why Should I Sign Up?

If you love Sheec socks and have told anyone to purchase Sheec socks, or if people are constantly asking where you got your chic socks, then why not earn money on those referrals?

All you have to do is Sign Up and share your personalized referral link. You don't have to do anything else! The program will simply track whenever anyone places an order using your link (or even within 30 days of initially clicking your referral link) and calculate the commission amount (10% of the order value) that is owed to you by US.

3. Is this going to take a lot of work?

Not at all! All you have to do is sign up and share your link. You can share it anywhere, everywhere, however many times you'd like. The next time someone asks, "Where did you get your chic socks?" you simply say, "I'll text/email/message you the site's link" and you simply give them your personalized referral link! If they place an order within 30 days of initially clicking through the link, the program will automatically track it!

Do you want to share a coupon code instead of a referral link? Just Sign Up to the program and contact us to ask for a personalized coupon code. We'll give you one within 24 hours if you quality! The next time anyone shops using that coupon code, 10% of the order amount is YOURS as commission. It's as simple as that.

4. How Do I Sign Up?

Input the required information into the sign up form, and that's it. It will take about 1 minute. All we need is your email address & name! Once you sign up, simply add your PayPal email address in the Account Setting > Payment Settings. You can even add that information later. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can easily create one when you click to accept the payment we send you!

5. How Do I Earn Money?

Once you've signed up, see & copy your personalized referral link. 

After you have your link handy, share it whenever and to whomever you want! If they purchase anything using your link (our program has a 30 day cookie period, which means that if they return to our site within 30 days of initially clicking through your link, the program will track that order and attribute it to you!), then you will earn 10% commission on that order value.

6. How/When Do I Get Paid?

You can track your conversions (a conversion is an order that is placed through a referral link or code) and pending conversions by logging into the program. If you have earned a payout past the 30 day return window, you will be paid on the 15th of the month. We will "approve" conversions once the orders are past the 30 day return window per pay period so that you know how much commission you have earned.

We make payments via PayPal! If you have a PayPal email address, please input that in your Account Settings > Payment Settings. 

7. How Do I Get A Personalized Coupon Code to Share?

If you'd rather share a coupon code instead of a link, then reach out to us using our contact us page and request a personalized coupon code. Any time anyone makes a purchase using your personalized coupon code, that order will earn you 10% commission on that order value.

8. How Can I Earn More Money?

We will email you to inform you of when we are holding special promotional periods during which you will receive higher commission on certain products!

Once you reach a sales milestone we will contact you to inform you of your higher commission rate!


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