How to Keep Half Socks On in Your Slingback Shoes

If you've worn toe cover socks (a.k.a. half socks, quarter socks, backless socks) you know that they're great in theory, but in practice don't exactly stay on as long as we'd like them to. Finding socks for open back shoes is hard enough, but then once you finally think you’ve discovered the perfect pair, they won’t stay put!

If you want to know how to keep half socks on, there isn’t a magic sock hack to keep them from slipping. The key to keeping your half socks in place is choosing the right product that’s designed for maximum comfort and stability.

The Slingback toe cover socks are the solution to this issue! The slingback is a seamless toe cover sock, with a clear elastic band that goes around your heel. This band keeps the socks in place, without showing in shoes with a heel strap. 


The Perfect Socks to Wear with Slingback Heels

Our Slingbacks are the perfect socks to wear with slingback heels! The strap is designed to fall right where slingback heel straps fall to keep it completely hidden while still giving you all of the support of a sock. The clear elastic material makes the back of the sock virtually invisible, but you don’t have to worry about your socks slipping down constantly.


Multiple Sizes & Colors

The Slingback socks are available in black and cream in small, medium, and large which cover women's U.S. shoe size 5-12! (We all know one size doesn't fit all!)

With multiple sizes and colors to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the best socks to wear with slingback heels that fit your feet seamlessly – and actually stay on your feet.

Want to explore more no-show options with a non-slip guarantee? Explore all of our women’s no-show socks to find a pair of socks for every type of shoe. 

If you've tried the slingback, share your experience with us! Take a picture and tag us on Instagram @sheecsocks


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