Hidden Beauty: Invisible Elastic Band

Elastic Bands make the perfect socks for heels

We know that sometimes there is a lot of work that goes into putting together a look, a hair style, or wearing your stylish shoes comfortably; it's all in the hidden beauty. There are so many tips and tricks hidden up our sleeves like using hair ties to cuff shirts or spraying tights with hairspray so that they don't run, not to mention all the intricate ways to conceal our bra scraps, tie a scarf, or tuck jeans into our boots.

One of our favorite tricks is hairstyles with invisible elastic bands. The company spearheading easy hairstyle solutions for everyone with hair, is based in Germany and is called InvisiBobble. Just like Sheec this brand was born out of a personal necessity, and to provide a solution to an everyday problem. German college student and pony-tail-lover Sophie, created a product that solved three problems that anyone that has ever used a hair tie has had: headaches, the hair kink, and visible ties ruining beautiful hairstyles.

With these invisible elastic hairbands you can rock the most amazing ponytails and braids in the most stylish and simple way possible. Pair one of these amazing hairstyles with your favourite pumps, and feel comfortable and supported with Sheec's Slingback, our own invisible elastic band solution for everyday problems: protecting your feet from uncomfortable shoes, from sweat, and from not complementing your style! You can find this solution in sizes regular and large, fitting feet from 5.5 to 12!

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Women's SlingBack
Guaranteed No-Show Socks

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