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5 Tricks to Keep your Socks In Place - a Modern Cinderella Story

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Things may have worked out well for Cinderella when she lost her shoe at the ball, but we’re more concerned that she was sockless! Can you imagine losing your shoe and walking home barefoot?

But let’s be honest. The modern Cinderella doesn’t really worry about her shoes slipping off, what she does worry about is her socks slipping off. We're experts at preventing sock slippage because we've engineered our socks to never slip off (well unless, you wanted to take them off). Find out how Sheec socks don't slip off.

In addition, these 5 tricks are perfect for anyone who has their hands full with work and social life, little ones, or long-jumping over puddles, so you never have to worry about losing a sock inside your shoe again. Because if there’s one thing worse than not wearing socks, and it is wearing socks that slip off!

How to Keep Your No-Show Socks from SLIPPING

  1. Find the right size. 
    This might seem obvious, but often the reason behind sock-slippage is that they don’t fit your feet properly. If you're wearing a one-size fits all type no-show socks, that's probably why they're not working for you. If you've chosen a brand like SHEEC that has several sizes, you need to make sure you have the perfect size. A sock that is too tight or too loose will slip off. (tip: make sure you wear the socks correctly! Check the toe & heel parts and make sure the heel grip is aligned to your heel perfectly)
  2. Check the silicone grips.
    Socks with a silicone grip keep them from slipping down. BUT not all silicone grips are the same. In fact, the perfect grip is specific to the type of sock! The type of silicone, as well as the design of the grip, and the placement of the grips are all key factors in preventing sock slippage. That is why we design our socks to stay on your feet! Our Secret 2.0 Ultra Low-Cut is the perfect example of socks that don’t slide down. With silicone inside the heel and toe, and on the sole, these socks are made specially to keep you hassle free!
  3. Keep the silicone grips clean & dry.
    Are the grips losing their stickiness? Is there some pet hair stuck to it? Your natural body oil or lotion effecting it? Moisture or dust can negate the effect of a non-slip grip, no matter how technologically advanced the sock is. Try taking an alcohol swab or baby wipe to it to try to get it back to its sticky state. And don’t put on lotion on the part of your heels where any silicone grip will be touching right before putting on your socks. 
  4. If you can’t beat it, glue it.
    There are many body adhesives on the market that can keep your no-show sock on your feet. Roll the adhesive on the parts of your feet that you want your socks to stick to and watch the magic unravel! But we’d still say it’s a better investment to just purchase no-show socks with advanced silicone grips such as SHEEC.
  5. Get a new pair.
    Unfortunately, socks were not made to last forever. With continuous wear, silicone grips become weaker & fabric loses its tension. If your socks aren't performing anymore the way they used it, it's time to Let Go.

5 tricks to keep your no show socks from slipping

Whether you're wearing glass slippers or sports sneakers, no one deserves having to worry about their socks staying in place. IF YOU'RE TIRED OF YOUR NO-SHOW SOCKS SLIPPING OFF, FIND OUT WHY SHEEC SOCKS WON'T. One less worry is more time to just enjoy your day! One less worry is more time to just enjoy your day!

Let us know how these tips are working for you!

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