Secret: The Best Socks for Rothys & Tieks


You know the deal with no-show socks. Conceptually, they're great! In reality, you can't find a good pair of socks to wear with Rothys or Tieks that won’t peek through. And when you think you did, you spend your entire day painfully aware of your socks sliding down your heel inch by inch. I mean, how do you wear socks with Rothys and Tieks if you have to deal with these issues? It's honestly easier to not even wear socks, right? WRONG! 

We know it is virtually impossible to find an ultra low-cut sock that stays on, but not wearing socks simply isn't an option. Not just for foot care, but for shoe care! This is why we have engineered socks for Rothys and other low cut shoes that stay invisible, and most importantly, ACTUALLY STAY ON! Her Magazine calls the Secret 2.0 Ultra low-cut socks "stunning".

It doesn't matter how low cut your shoe is, we have the best no show socks for every shoe. It's taken years of constantly improving, but our Secret Ultra Low Cut is officially the lowest cut to stay on most feetand most comfortable sock on the market. No matter how low cut your shoes are, Sheec socks will stay on and allow you to focus on what is really important (which is really anything other than your socks sliding off your feet). Because of the super low rise design, our Secret line makes the best socks for Tieks, Rothys, and other low-cut options. 

How can it be so low-cut but still stay on?

  1. Patented Technology: 
    We use one of a kind sock technology to engineer this perfect fit. The socks are designed to be snug, but won't dig into your feet or leave marks because the edges are seamless! We offer extended sock sizes so you get the perfect fit every time.
  2. Special Silicone Grips: 
    We use a special silicone grip (safe for babies) just to make sure that they will be work effectively and safely. 
  3. Strategic Placement of Silicone Grips: 
    They are not only at the heel, but also at the toes because the socks are super low-cut. In addition, we have grips on the bottom of the foot because less movement inside the shoe means less movement of the socks in general.

How can you have confidence in this "sounds too good to be true" sock?

Sheec Socks Secret 2.0 Ultra low cut no show liner socks for all women's feet shape

Secret 3.0 Ultra Low-Cut

We were so confident in this design that we launched this product back in 2018 through Kickstarter & Indiegogo. Not only were we successfully backed, we successfully surprised our backers by delivering on our promise of being no-show and non-slip!

We're proud to say that we've saved thousands of women's feet and their shoes. Will you be the next one? Explore all of our women’s no show socks to get started.

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Sheec Socks Secret 2.0 Ultra Low-cut no show liner socks
Secret2.0 Ultra Low-cut

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