The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Socks in Summer

Do you just wear socks as a fashion statement? Or simply wear them for warmth on colder days? Then it may come to a surprise to you that you should especially be wearing socks in summer!

The Benefits of Wearing Socks in Summer

Why wear socks in summer? Because on average, your feet sweat about half a pint a day! So every day, you are accumulating about half a pint of sweat from your feet inside your shoes if you are wearing closed toed shoes. And it goes without saying that most people will sweat more in the summer. So without socks in the summer, you are exponentially increasing your chances of foot diseases including foot fungus, smelly feet, smelly shoes, AND ruining your shoes.

We get that sometimes you don’t want to wear socks in the summer. After all, it seems counter-intuitive. You’re hot; you don’t want to wear another “layer” on your feet. But now that you know that you SHOULD, what are the best socks to wear in summer? No-show socks are the CLEAR answer here, and no other brand does them better than Sheec.

Which Socks to Wear in Summer Shoes

When considering which socks to wear in summer, you’ll want to pair your sock type with the shoes you wear. Sheec has a no show sock for EVERY single type of summer shoe that you could possibly wear! We know some shoes have a more casual fit, such as sneakers, allowing room for socks, while other shoes are more “formal” and wouldn’t really be something you would think a sock would fit in. At Sheec, all of our no-show socks are designed with the shoe type in mind. So they are definitely NOT like any kind of bulky sock you are thinking of.

Are you looking for socks for your casual fit shoes?
Quick tip: “casual fit” shoes are usually fabric lined shoes such as sneakers or casual slip-on shoes. For shoes like these, we would recommend the SoleHugger ACTIVE-X line! There are three coverage types available for these socks: low-cut, mid-cut, and high-cut.

Why? Because you’re more likely to do more strenuous activity with your “comfortable” shoes.

1) Antibacterial Fabric: While you can machine wash some of your shoes, washing them can also shorten the lifespan of your shoes. Instead, protect your shoes & your feet with antibacterial socks! If you normally sweat a lot in your shoes, antibacterial fabric is the best material for socks in summer.

2) Reinforced Toe & Heel: While these socks aren’t sports socks, they are reinforced at the toe & heel to make them last longer.

3) Non-slip GUARANTEE: With an extended silicone sole grip, not to mention the advanced stitching method to have the socks hug your soles, these socks won’t slip off!

What about your vast number of other “summer” shoes that are leather lined or dressier? We’ve got FOUR different coverages for all of the different vamps that flats, loafers, & other dress shoes come in! Our Secret 3.0 line has the best socks to wear in summer when you’re going for a dressier look.

1) Skin like Sleek liner socks: The Secret 3.0 line is designed to be a thin, durable sock that won’t affect the fit of any shoe but is also guaranteed to be no-show, while providing the protection your feet need to prevent blisters.

2) Durable & Reinforced: All of the Secret 3.0 socks sport a durable, nylon body, and the low-cut, mid-cut, and high-cut socks are reinforced at the toe.

3) Cotton Sole: You’ll want something to take care of your sweaty feet. The soles are cotton to make sure that you’ve got a protective layer between your foot and your shoe, absorbing your sweat!

4) Seamless Edges: Using patented technology, we’ve managed to make sure that the finishing details of the socks are comfortable for all day wear.

5) Non-slip GUARANTEE: The socks are designed to hug your soles (the socks WILL feel snug and need a little bit of time to mold to your feet) and have strategic silicone grips!

You’ll want the right about of coverage for the shoes you have, and we’ve got FOUR coverage types to fulfill those needs! If you go too low for the type of shoe you have, you’re not protecting your feet, but if you don’t go low enough, the socks will show. 

Now that you know the benefits of wearing socks in summer, find out what socks were designed for your specific type of shoes with our no-show sock guide!

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  • The ultra low-cut would be great for my heels and without the bulk.

    AR on
  • Ultra low cuts in all the colors!! To match all my tieks!!

    Ashley Ford on
  • I would like to see the socks available in grey.

    Monie Garcia on
  • would love to see the no-show socks in pastel colors next!!

    eevon on
  • I’ve use the ultra low cut and their awesome! Need to try the low and mid cut!

    Brandon A on
  • These are great. I would love to see them available in navy blue!

    Amanda on
  • BLUE

    KEN on
  • I can’t wait to try them

    Kelly Courtney on
  • I just started wearing socks with my dress shoes. It’s amazing how much more comfortable my feet are. I ordered a few pairs of the Solehugger 2.0 a few days ago. Now I’m going to get the slingback socks.

    Jennifer Williams on
  • Just purchased the ultra low cut for my Rothys and I LOVE them. They are perfect and I they don’t move or fall off when I remove my foot from the shoe.

    Angelica Boucher on

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