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Sheec Socks Subscription Box

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Why Get the Sheec Subscription Box?

Best Value

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Change Styles

Whenever You Want

Change Frequency

Whenever You Want

Pause or Cancel

As Needed

on the Shop page

1. Select Box Size

Choose 5 pair ($10.80/pair) or 10 pair box ($10.20/pair) option


This can be paused, skipped, cancelled, changed after your first 2 shipments

After your 3rd shipment you get an additional 10% off!

3. Add Your Favorites

Select the socks you want!
(Refer to the size chart above on the shop page as needed)

4. That's it

You got the BEST VALUE.


It is a fun new way to shop! By choosing the qty of socks you want in your box, and the frequency, you can make sure you always have the right socks when you need it.

a. a. With our sock subscription box, you have full flexibility to change up the pairs in your box!

b. If you want to change the quantity, simply cancel or pause the subscription and create a new one.

a. You can pause/skip/cancel your Sheec sock subscription at any time!

b. Just remember, that starting the 3rd delivery, you get an extra 10% off!

a. Socks should be worn daily and often need to be replaced frequently depending on how often you wear them. If you don't want to fill up your drawer with socks or lose track of how often you've worn your socks, a subscription is a great reminder to replace your socks and stay organized.

b. If you love a great deal, you no longer have to wait and hope for a sale. Our subscription option helps you lock in the best deal at any time of the year.

Generally speaking, you should have enough socks for each day of your weekly rotation – we’d recommend about 10 - 15 pairs. However, that number can vary based on the variety of sock styles you require and how often you wash your laundry! The Sheec Socks subscription box is the perfect way to make sure you always have the right socks for the right occasion.

Depending on how often you wear them, socks typically need to be replaced after a few months of wear – especially if you have a favorite pair that gets more wear than others. With the Sheec Socks subscription box, you can customize your sock style and delivery frequency to fit your needs.