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3 Tricks to Keep your Shoes & Socks In Place - a Modern Cinderella Story

Even though things may have worked out well for Cinderella when she lost her shoe at the ball, most of us don’t want our shoes slipping off our feet while we’re on the go. At SHEEC, we know first hand that the last thing a busy New Yorker (or anyone in a rush) needs is to have to stop to adjust their shoes or socks while commuting.

These tricks are perfect for anyone who has their hands full with work and social life, little ones, or long-jumping over puddles, so you never have to worry about losing a shoe or sock again:

Non-Slip SHOE Tricks

  • Keep the flopping to your flip-flops by using hairspray on the soles of your feet before putting on your shoes.
  • Patting baby powder on your toes can help prevent slippery sweat from forming and provide a smoother surface to step in.

Non-Slip SOCK Tricks

  • Buy Sheec socks! Our no-show socks are not called SOLEHUGGERS for nothing. They are designed to hug your feet, meaning they are designed to be snug.
  • Find the right size! All of our no-show socks are SIZED to ensure the perfect fit. Make sure that if you're in between sizes, you size up for a better fit.
  • Place the socks where you want them to stay. We place silicone grips on strategic spots on our socks to make sure that the socks stay where they are placed.

Whether you're wearing glass slippers or sports sneakers, no one deserves having to worry about their shoes and socks staying in place. One less worry is more time to just enjoy your day!

Let us know how these tips are working for you!

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